Sunday Worship Times: 2.30pm & 6.30pm

at Stanton Lees Chapel

Annual Bible School

 55th August Bank Holiday Bible School 

August 24th – August 26th 2019


The Bible - the book of books

Opening Meetings - Saturday, 24th August 2019
3.00pm & 7.00pm – Preacher: Geoff Thomas
Sunday Worship - 25th August 2019
2.30pm & 6.30pm Preacher: Geoff Thomas
Monday - 26th August 2019
10.30am – Historical Lecture – Speaker: Jonathan Bayes
Monday - 26th August 2019
3.00pm & 7.00pm – Preaching Meetings – Speaker: Ian Parry

Tea will be provided between the 3.00pm & 7.00pm meetings (Saturday & Monday)

If you are able to attend any, or all of the above meetings, you will be most welcome to join with us and benefit from the Bible teaching and fellowship.
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